Work motivation – finding your purpose

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Discovering your work motivation

"Find your purpose" appearing behind torn brown paper.

Today’s post, which deals with the subject of work motivation, is part of Step 2 in our career planning process.

This step of course involves fully exploring your career options.

I was recently watching a Youtube video which you will see below. The title for the  video clip was “How to find and do work that you love” by Paul Dinsmore.

In his presentation Paul mentioned a statistic which probably won’t surprise you if you are in an established career. He said:

80% of adults hate what they do

Paul then posed a question which I also found relevant, and thought provoking:

So, what are the other 20% of adults who love their work doing

I think it would make sense to find out, don’t you?

If 20% of people love what they do, I think it would be worthwhile to find out how, and why this is the case.

Is work motivation important?

I think the answer is obvious. Work motivation is very important!

When you consider the proportion of time in our lives that we spend working, I think it’s absolutely crazy to be turning up, day in, day out, doing something we hate.

As I have mentioned in other posts, fortunately we have the power to choose to change that situation.

Many people of course don’t believe this is possible. They instead choose to listen to self defeating and negative thoughts in their own heads, and the voices of other people in their lives who say making positive change isn’t possible, or it won’t work.

Part of the process of making this change is to actually take the time to find out what is important to you, and to clarify what success in life actually means to you.

This is really what steps 1 and 2 in the career planning process are all about:

  1. Step 1 – Extensive self review and self analysis
  2. Step 2 – Fully exploring your options

3 steps for finding your work motivation

As you will see in his video, Paul Dinsmore suggests there are 3 simple things you can do to help you find and do work that you love. These are:

  1. Becoming a self expert – that is knowing all there is to know about yourself. In particular knowing your key strengths…..the things you naturally do well, and enjoy doing
  2. Focusing on your core values.  What are the things you most strongly value and believe in with regard to how you want to live your life?
  3. Fully explore your experiences. What do you love doing? What do you hate doing? What have you been good at doing? What are you terrible at doing?

Beyond this, Paul also then explains what you need to do to make your desired changes for work motivation a reality!

So here’s the video:

Work motivation – summary

Are you one of the 80% that hate what they do?

If so, what are you prepared to do to change that situation?

In this post, we have explored, with Paul Dinsmore’s help, 3 simple things that you can do to discover, and do work that you love.

What’s stopping you?

Please share your experience

The community would love to hear from you. My questions for readers are:

  • Have you ever done something like Paul Dinsmore suggests?
  • How did you do it?
  • How has your life changed as a result?
  • What advice would you give to other people for making change in their lives?

Have a brilliant day!

Best wishes


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