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Hi, my name is Anthony McAvaney. You see me here pictured recently with my darling wife Catherine; we were at a family wedding.

We live in Australia.

I own and maintain this website.

I’d like to tell you briefly a little bit about myself.


I have diversified life and career interests.

My main focus is on coaching others in how to use a range of strategies to realise their potential – particularly with regard to their financial situation and career.

Currently I’m actively involved in coaching people in how to take advantage of the massive opportunities which exist in the Information Age and the Digital Economy.

Having said that, I also realise that working in the new Digital Economy isn’t for everyone. So, I will continue to provide guidance, support and assistance to people who are pursuing their careers in the traditional economy. If you are not sure what I’m talking about with regards the different global economies – traditional, or digital, then this short video will explain this.

Industry: Online marketing, career and job search coaching and property investing.

Experience: Have spent virtually my entire career as a corporate training specialist. I have worked in Banking, Tourism and Hospitality, Retail and Wholesale, Manufacturing, Information Technology and various levels of Government.


I’m the eldest of 9 children, I am married, have four adult children and ten grandchildren. My wife Catherine is the eldest of 5 children.

With both of us coming from large families, family life remains a pretty big factor in our lives. There’s always a birthday, anniversary, christening, school concert, sports day or whatever on our calendar to attend.

It seems to me that even from a young age I have been involved in some way with coaching, teaching, encouraging others. This ultimately translated into my professional life where the focus of my work, as a corporate trainer, was in teaching/coaching people from all walks of life in a range of skills, and making various resources available to them so that they had the opportunity and the means to realise their potential.

Later in my career I gained formal qualifications as a personal counsellor, and post graduate qualifications in career development and began to specialise in career and job search coaching.

For the last 20 years I have worked both as an outplacement consultant for people whose positions have been made redundant, and as a career counsellor in an Australian University.

As such I have witnessed first hand how traditional careers, and the traditional economy are being transformed into the new information age and digital economy.

My passion is to help people realise this enormous change is taking place, and what this means for their career and life planning.

And……. I’m super passionate about the massive opportunities that exist in the online marketing world.

My other interests include property investing and also mentoring those who are interested in doing this in how to create wealth by developing and maintaining a portfolio of residential properties.

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