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Resume and cover letter writing styles are continually changing.

And in today’s ultra competitive employment market you cannot afford to waste an opportunity to land your ideal job, or next important career position.

Therefore whenever you submit your resume when applying for your job you’ll want to ensure it represents you in the strongest possible way.

So…if you have never written a resume or cover letter, or you have done one of these in a while you’ll want to check out the resources below to give yourself every opportunity to achieve success in your job search.


Develop Complete Confidence in Your Resume With This Checklist

This checklist of 30+ items is completely FREE

It will assist you to do a comprehensive review of your resume including:

  • Are you using the correct headings?
  • Which headings appear first in your document?
  • Have you included a career profile?
  • Is your resume targeted?
  • Is your resume easy to read
  • And much, much more



Ensure Your Resume Has The Right Information In The Right Places

This comprehensive Resume and Cover Letter Guidebook contains:

  • Examples of 3 quite different resume styles and I’ll learn how to decide which style to use in my application
  • How to prepare my resume and cover letter so that they contain only the most important and relevant information
  • What information to include under each heading in my resume
  • The best way to write about my employment history
  • How to write one of the single most important pieces of information in your resume

Today’s special price $11.95


Watch How To Write Your Very Own Perfect Resume – Step By  Step

Do you prefer to learn by watching video?

Many people do.

That’s why I created this 8 part video series 

There’s a video for each section of your resume

Each video helps you to complete your entire resume, step by step:

Part 1 – The purpose of your resume. Commonly used headings. Different styles of resume and how to choose. (27 mins)

Part 2 – Targeting your resume – why, and how. (20 mins)

Part 3 – Tips for layout and visual presentation.  (19 mins)

Part 4 – How to write a profile or career summary. (21 mins)

Part 5 – Writing a summary of your key skills. (23 mins)

Part 6 – How to write about your employment history for each of the 3 resume styles. (30 mins)

Part 7 – How to select and then write about your relevant career achievements. (23 mins)

Part 8 – Optional information that you might wish to include in your resume e.g. hobbies/interests, voluteering, awards etc (26 mins)

Get your copy today for just $29.95


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