The Jay Kubassek Story

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Jay Kubassek -Entrepreneur and Mentor

Why I am inspired by Jay

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Jay Kubassek

Jay is a man who came from very humble beginnings.

In the early stages of his career he came to the realisation that, for him, there had to be a better way of living and being. And…… he chose to do something about it.

As a result of the action he took……hard work, being willing to learn and be teachable, and by refusing to let failure be an option, he completely transformed his circumstances, and changed the course of his life.

While Jay’s initial motivating force was to become financially independent, his passion and driving force is no longer about making money. Rather, his stated mission in life is to:

.wake people up to the choices they have as individuals, so that they can live the life of their dreams.

  Following is a brief summary of his life story so far.  

From humble beginnings

So that you have some understanding of the timeline of Jay’s story………at the present time he is aged around mid 30s.

Jay grew up in a very small, closed, faith based farming community, somewhere in Canada.

Within this community there was no television or radio (we are talking the 1980s here!). A strong belief in the community was……. that money was thought to be the root of all evil.

Community values revolved around hard physical labour, and being self sufficient by working the land.

Jay’s formal education ended in the 8th grade. In other words, he grew up in a community and an environment with a very insular view of the world.

By any stretch of the imagination we could conclude that Jay had very little going for him in terms of advantages, compared to a child growing up in more affluent surroundings.

Yet, Jay had aspirations……and was prepared to work to achieve them.

His first job and early 20s

Leaving his family and community behind, Jay’s first paid job was selling car mufflers for the Midas group.

While he was grateful to have a job, it couldn’t be described as the most glamorous job in the world. By the time Jay hit his 25th birthday he was completely disillusioned with his lot in life. Here’s a summary of his situation at that time:

  • Broke, no savings, earning and trying to live on less than $50,000 a year
  • Struggling to pay the rent
  • Driving a beat up 1994 VW with 200,000 miles on the clock
  • Had no time, or money to further his education as a means of changing his circumstances, and employment prospects
  • Was cynical, bitter, resentful of people who did have money
  • Had a belief that all he could look forward to in life was more of the same, before retiring on social security
  • In short, he was angry with the world, his circumstances and lack of prospects

One thing in his favour was his preparedness to exercise choice and take action to make changes to his life. He was also prepared to work hard to make this happen.

Beginnings of success

One of the ways Jay tried to increase his income was through buying into a home based business.

In fact he tried and failed at a number of these types of businesses.

He borrowed money…. $2000 to get started on yet another venture, only to be shown empty promises……and yet another failure.

Naturally angry at this, and with a deep burn to change for the better, he decided to learn all he could about internet affiliate marketing.

Long story short, after another 3 years he started seeing some real success, and as a result his life course changed forever. Within a few years he was earning a multiple six figure income.

I was particularly interested to find out that almost everything Jay learned about internet affiliate marketing was self taught. A major part of his success however was this realisation:

 I want you to understand why I decided build my marketing system … I wanted a $100,000 a month residual income and the only way I knew how to get that was to help others get the success that THEY want.

Evolution and transformation

Ultimately Jay’s internet based businesses evolved to the point where it is today.

That is………..providing an education system to teach, and empower others to make similar changes in their lives. And……. here’s how he is doing it

Here’s how Jay evolved…….

This short video will show you the kind of person that Jay has become, and the kind of life he is living today:

What would you like to change in your life?

Would either of the following two things be appealing to you:

  • Being able to live life on your own terms, rather than those of your boss!
  • Having the financial freedom to do what you want, when you want and doing it with the important people in your life

If so, is this a possibility if you continue on your present course in life?

And how might you evaluate that what you’re presently doing will give you these options.

Well…… way you can do this is to look at the circumstances of someone who is doing the same type of work that you are now doing, but…….. they are say 20 years older, or perhaps approaching retirement age.

If you continue to follow the same path as that person, it is quite likely this will be your future too. And, as Albert Einstein once said:

To continue to do the same things, and expect a different result is the definition of insanity……

Summary…..and some suggested next steps

If you want change in your life, you’re going to have to make some changes in your life!

Why Jay Kubassek inspires me, and what I have learned from his is this:

  • Regardless of our life circumstances each of us has the power to respond differently to our life challenges, and to implement positive change
  • Achieving what Jay has done can be duplicated, if one is prepared to be teachable, and to do the work involved.
  • His chosen field, the internet and the digital economy has massive opportunities for people who are looking for a vehicle to create their own financial independence

Please share……

Till next time, have a brilliant day! Anthony

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