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Your job or career – Is your future secure?

There is no job security

There is no job security

In 1964 famous singer/songwriter Bob Dylan wrote a song called “The times they are a changin’ “.

Clearly the times are always changing but the following phrases from his song are resonating very loudly for me, and possibly for you too.

Your old road is rapidly agin’


As the present now

Will later be past

Everyone knows the world is changing, and changing rapidly – none more so than in the area of traditional jobs and career paths.

Possibly these changes have already had an impact on you. For example:

  • Have you or a family member had their job made redundant sometime in the last 5 years?
  • Has this happened to you more than once in that time?
  • How many people do you know who have had their jobs made redundant?

This is one of the more obvious signs that things are indeed changing for many people in the crucial area of their employment.

Traditional jobs and careers have, and are changing

Think for a moment how digitisation and automation have changed the world……. and perhaps your job and the industry you work in.

Basically any job that involves repetitive tasks or some type of algorithmic process can be automated.

This means that instead of a person doing the work, they are replaced by a computer, or a programmed machine.

As a direct result of communications technology employers literally have no geographic boundaries. We see mergers and take overs as a result.

This also means that employers can access suitability qualified people to do the work from anywhere in the world. Perhaps you are already in a job where you work in a virtual environment.

In recent years for example, workers from India and China, working from their offices, and sometimes their homes in their own countries are completing work for employers in more developed countries. And…..they do this for a fraction of the cost of an employer hiring a local.

What is driving the change?

Just about everybody has heard that we are living in the information age.

As a by-product of that, and especially since around 2007 we have moved into the digital age. As a result, society is undergoing massive change in the way that people:

  • Live
  • Work
  • Communicate
  • Shop
  • Educate themselves
  • Spend their leisure time

Digital revolution word cloud concept. Vector illustration

What are the solutions to this? How can I help you?

If you wish to remain employed, and employable in the traditional economy you will need to develop, or enhance a range of career management, and job search skills.

My area of professional expertise since the year 2000 has been in the area of career guidance, career counselling, career management, and job search coaching.

In that time I have assisted literally thousands of people.

And…….I want to help you too!

How to access my material

A feature of many of my blog articles will be providing you with access to advice, information and actual resources that will enable you to make a transition into this new way of managing your career.

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