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Get the extra help and information you need in the Resume and Cover Letter Guidebook


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Don’t have a resume yet?
Haven’t written a resume in a long time?
Not sure what to put in your resume?
Not good at writing cover letters?




  • Explains what headings to use in your resume, and the order in which they should appear
  • Details the type of information to include under each heading in your resume
  • Contains examples of how to write the more important information in your resume, like:
    • how to write a career profile, or career summary statement
    • how to write a key skills summary
    • how to identify your career achievements
    • how to write about your career achievements
  • Explains the different styles of resumes that exist, and tips for deciding which is best for you
  • Contains samples of each style of resume
  • Contains examples of the different types of cover letters (job application letters) you can write


Picture of Anthony McAvaney owner of Career Life

Hi, I’m Anthony McAvaney from Career Life Solutions – I wrote the Resume and Cover Letter Guide.

My clients have told me that this Guide has been an absolute life saver when the pressure is on to quickly put together a resume and job applications.

In this Guide I’ve provided an explanation of what you need to write under each heading in the resume, and examples of different styles of resumes and cover letters.

This means you can quickly jump to the information you need and feel comfortable that you’ve prepared a good resume and job application.

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