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Online marketing, and your business

Have you considered, or got started with online marketing yet?

If so, you are definitely on the right track to position your business strongly for the future.

According to digital media company Mashable, 72% of consumers are already connecting with brands (businesses) through their various digital marketing channels and activities.

If you’re already in business, no doubt you will have a marketing budget.

In order to attract customers you are possibly using traditional advertising and marketing techniques (Yellow Pages, print, magazines, direct mail, possibly TV and radio, etc) to attract customers and generate sales. It is also quite likely that many of your customers will have found you through word of mouth.

Just because these are working well for you at the moment, there is no reason to think that a digital marketing strategy can’t also benefit your business.

The digital economy and changing consumer behaviour

It won’t surprise you to learn that consumers today use the internet to do their research before making purchases. Most likely this is something you already do yourself.

Having done their research, people are increasingly comfortable in also making their purchases online. So…..clearly, at the most basic level, if people are unable to find your business online, you are missing out on new customers, and associated sales.

Online marketing – some facts which may surprise

According to an article on IAB’s website (Interactive Advertising Bureau), in 2014 money spent on interactive internet advertising in the U.S.A. exceeded television advertising spending for the first time.

The IAB article, quoting from a report prepared by professional services global giant PwC also revealed:

  • Advertising which was suitable for viewing on mobile technologies experienced triple digit growth (a 110% increase) during the year 2013
  • Digital video, which is a component of display advertising grew by nearly 20% in the same year

Clearly, advertisers who are using the internet and doing online marketing have recognised and taken advantage of these changes in consumer behaviour.

Benefits of online marketing

Following is a short list of just some of the benefits of taking your marketing and advertising online:

  • Connect with your customers/consumer on the internet, especially those using mobile devices
  • Better sales conversions because of the ability to implement highly targeted ad campaigns, and with much broader reach
  • The cost of online advertising compares very favourably against the cost of traditional marketing and advertising strategies, often it is much cheaper
  • The availability of various channels to reach your consumer – social media, display advertising on web pages and blogs, pay per click (PPC) or pay per view (PPV),  and mobile etc
  • It is possible to compete with the ‘big boys’
  • Get ahead of your competitors who haven’t yet ventured in to online marketing, or lack the know-how

“List Building for Profit” and the power of re-marketing

A major advantage of advertising and marketing online is the ability to use technology to develop your list of customers.

When you have a list of customers (or subscribers) you have the ability to market, and remarket to them at will.

It will be much quicker and easier for you to understand this concept by reading a report called “List Building for Profit” which was prepared by my own business mentor Stuart Ross.

Stuart is a highly successful internet marketer having earned multi millions of dollars through online marketing. What he discusses in the report is exactly the same strategies he is teaching me to market my own businesses.

Click on this link to download a copy of this short, but informative report.


Business, shopping, education, entertainment and information provision, all done online, present massive opportunities for ‘would be’ entrepreneurs.

Because technology is freely available, people like you and me have the ability to compete against the ‘big guys’.

But……the different skills, techniques and tools of online marketing need to be mastered in order to do so.

That’s why I’ve found the training provided by Six Figure Mentor founders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek to be invaluable.

Provide me with your email in red box above and I’ll help you to get started by sending you links to some videos that I received from Stuart and Jay.

Online marketing is the way of the future – would you like to be involved?


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