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Let me summarise the steps so far in order to work towards realising your life potential:

  • You have taken the time to reflect on and determine what matters to you in life.
  • You have a clear understanding of your life purpose taking into consideration areas like family and relationships, career, health, money, spiritually and so on
  • With this clarification of the bigger picture, you will hopefully have proceeded to set some goals – for the short, medium and longer term.

OK – you know where you’re going in life, and the specific things you want to achieve along the way. Now it’s time to turn that intent into ACTION!

Nothing will change in your life unless you take action. Good intentions won’t do it. Wishing it will happen ain’t going to make it so. You need to take action.

Make yourself accountable

What is your self discipline like? Do you procrastinate? Ultimately it will be up to you to make your goals a reality. So, how to make yourself more accountable? Try these things:

  • For each goal you have written down (they are written down aren’t they!) make a list of the steps you will take towards progressively achieving that outcome
  • Have a daily to do list – cross things off as you do them

Start and maintain an ongoing a self improvement program

A huge part of your future success will be related to your mindset – your mental attitude.

The changes you have decided to make in your life are unlikely to occur by action alone.

When you come up against obstacles and set backs it will be your attitude which determines whether you keep taking action to achieve your goals, or if you quit.

Attitude is one of those things that you absolutely must continue to work on. Chances are, if you are like most people, you will have to work on things like:

  • communication skills
  • confidence
  • self esteem
  • self discipline

It is critical to your success that you seek out books, videos and mentors who can help you develop these skills and to assist you to develop and maintain a success attitude.

On this website, and through my newsletters I will be providing a lot of information and resources to assist you with self improvement and a success mindset. You can subscribe to my newsletter below:

But don’t wait for me. Search out your own material to assist with maintaining a success, can do attitude. You need to be working on yourself DAILY in these areas – 10-15 minutes a day at least.

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