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Clarify - Focus - Act

Are you evolving or standing still?

It’s a familiar feeling that many people have – of being swamped, perhaps overwhelmed by the accelerating pace of change taking place around us?

Here’s just a short list of how change is impacting the lives of many today:

  • a job or careers being entirely replaced, or changed because of technology
  • static or falling standards of living due to stagnating economies and job loss
  • the prospect of long term unemployment due to the lack of skills, or education to transition to working in the new economy
  • people approaching retirement age unable to adquately support themselves financially in their old age
  • completing an education for traditional jobs/careers which have either disappeared or changed completely
  • and so on…….there’s a pretty long list!

Can you relate to any of these issues? Are any of them affecting you personally right now?


How do you respond to change?

People respond to change in an amazing variety of ways.

Quite possibly you are here for either of the following reasons:

  • You’ve made a conscious decision to implement changes affecting your career/life but want help moving forward, or
  • Events or circumstances have occurred which have meant involuntary career/life changes are required, and you also need help to move forward

In order to make effective decisions about where, and how change is needed, and to take the action needed to propel your forward, I believe involves at least these things:

  • having clarity about what is important in your life
  • identifying the gap between what is desirable in these areas, and what exists in reality
  • taking action to close that gap

Where are you in life right now?

Are you capable of developing further?

Do you have the capacity to achieve more in various parts of your life?

Have you come to the conclusion that there is more to life than your current experience?

Or……are you finished? You’ve given up. Nothing left to achieve? Nothing you’d like to change about your life?

If you would like to do or achieve more, and make some changes, what’s stopping you?

Can’t get out of the rut?

Apart from the fact that some people have decided that they’d rather have a miserable life, I think the three main reasons why people don’t act to change unsatisfactory life circumstances is because:

  1. They haven’t taken the time to clarify what is really important to them in their life
  2. They don’t develop the necessary focus to prioritise their time, effort and resources to achieve what they want
  3. They don’t have a plan of action

I’d like to help you

My passion and purpose in life is to assist people to realise their potential. You might have noticed that the theme of the website is:  

Clarify   –   Focus   –   Act 

Through this website, my newsletters and blog posts I want to share with my subscribers information, tools, and resources which I have discovered can assist people to realise their potential and enjoy their preferred lifestyle.

I trust you will get as much value from these things as I do in managing my own life and career.

Are You Desperately Seeking Alternative Career Or Employment Options Right Now?

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If so, I invite you to join me for my free training where I take a deep dive into a career option that you may not have previously considered, or were aware this existed.


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picture of compass with piece of paper which reads where is my life going Many people have never, ever taken time out to clarify what is important to them in their lives.

Go here for tools to help really clarify what is important to you


Goals sign post on side of road with arrows pointing the way

When you have a clearer understanding of the important aspects of your life, and associated values, you can then sharpen you focus on these by developing goals for the various parts of your life.

Develop crystal clear focus by setting goals. Tools and information to help are here


picture of post it note with words do it written OK – you know where you’re going in life, and the specific things you want to achieve along the way. Now it’s time to turn that intent into ACTION!

It’s time to take action. Information and resources to help you are here

Let me know how I can help you

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and make contact with me. I would be pleased to answer your questions, or perhaps direct you to information or resources that will assist you on your life journey. I look forward to hearing from you. Anthony

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